Anna Foye Single Campaigns

Slickr Management

I thoroughly enjoyed working on Anna’s ‘Dandelion People’ Single Campaign, as well as her upcoming single ‘Bend’.

Utilising mailing lists, physical promotional material and emerging digital platforms, allowed Anna’s fanbase to grow and engage.

James Goodwin

Debut Single Campaign and Personal Branding

I created the digital assets and managed James Goodwin’s debut single campaign. His fully maintained social media image led to significant digital engagement, radio play and thousands of Spotify Streams.

Jam ED : Music Education

Branding for initial business launch

Jam.Ed is a new music education platform in which I created the initial logos and branding for.

Air Management

Social Media Management and Design Work for the Air MTM Artist Roster

I helped create the digital assets and social media campaign ideas for emerging country artist Laura Oakes and The Lottery Winners. Aiding the Air Management team for the duration of my internship was thoroughly enjoyable and hugely insightful.

Megarock Music Publication

Content creation, Development and Marketing

I consolidated my passion for music into a fully printed and marketed music publication for my final A-level project. This is still a campaign I am incredibly proud of. .

Caffe Verdi

Environmentally Sustainable Coffee Brand

A personal project highlighting the significance of ethically sustainable organic produce. Caffe Verdi is my own branded coffee company in which I created digital designs, cohesive branding and a successful digital image.